Massage classes for parents and caregivers



Perhaps your baby has colic, poor digestion, or does not sleep well. Or, maybe you are looking for ways to connect with your baby more. The benefits of infant massage will never be fully unearthed. Touch for babies is more important to their physical function and survival than food. There are many wonderful mysteries to learn about the relationship between you and your baby. This is an investment that will fundamentally build the culture of your family.

Perhaps your child is stressed, anxious, or dealing with a tough transition. Touch is a powerful way to connect with them when they do not have language to describe their confusion during new experiences. Come learn some simple tools to speak deep into their hearts without saying a word.

Perhaps you care for someone dealing with neuropathy, stress, anxiety, or pain. While you will not receive training for advanced techniques, there are simple tools you can use to greatly improve the life of a loved one in minutes.

We also will help you understand what you need for self-care. Giving care is hard when we are running on empty. Not only will we give you tools to help others, but we will help you. You need care as much as anyone else!

Each one of us was designed to give and receive touch. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn simple massage techniques to benefit your loved ones of any age.

Massage classes for couples



This is the gift that keeps on giving! A class for you and your loved one to attend together, we will go over some massage basics so you are able to enhance your touch and backrub skills. At the end of a long and tiring day, this is a tool you can have to take a measure of stress away and show your love!

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Mother with her Child