Waniya Healing

Waniya (wah-NEE-yah): The breath of life; that which makes a being live.

The breath is the link between the body, mind, and spirit. The first breath signals our birth and the last breath signals the end of life on earth. For every moment in between, it is present, waiting for us to remember. The heart of Waniya Healing is to return to the beginning. When seeking to restore health, we must address the human being, not the human body alone. Connecting to our breath again is the first step in our journey to health. . . and to remembering who we are.

At Waniya Healing, we use the power of touch to facilitate this process. Healing moments rarely happen on our own. When we find renewed hope in God and strength in each other, our confidence is restored to live our life and complete the work we are meant to accomplish in our time on earth.