Waniya Healing

Waniya (wah-NEE-yah): The breath of life; that which makes a being live.

Our breath is the link between our body, mind, and spirit. Its first moment signals our birth and its last moment signals the end of our life. It is present in every moment in between, waiting for us to remember. The heart of Waniya Healing is to return to the beginning. When searching for health we must address the human being, not the human body alone. Connecting to our breath again is the first step in our journey to health. . . and to remembering who we are.

At Waniya Healing, we use the modalities of Massage Therapy and Yoga to partner with you in this incredible journey.

Our massage styles will help with general relaxation or the reduction of stress; rehabilitation of an injured area; healing after a surgical procedure; or improvement for symptoms in conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sciatica, Frozen Shoulder, and much more.

Yoga is a practice that brings your awareness to your breath, mind, and body. We move with alignment and intention, learning to remember to breathe. Gradually we increase strength, balance, flexibility, and clarity of mind.

We teach classes for parents to enhance bonding with their babies and children, building a culture of healthy touch in a family. We teach classes for caregivers to add more healing elements to the lives of their loved ones who are experiencing chronic conditions. We also teach caregivers how to check in with themselves and stay filled so that burnout can be avoided.

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