A Not-so-Perfect but Still Perfect Day

February 9, 2020

We had such a fun day! First time out skiing this winter and it was GORGEOUS!!!

Thick and lush, the snow rested in a deep blanket, the kind your skis could glide across for hours. The sky was a piercing blue canvas, a relief from the winter gray. The wooded areas were a strong contrast of pure white and deep green as the snow clung to the pine needles. The sun shining across the field made the snowflakes sparkle like little diamonds. Its beams made their way through the trees, casting long shadows on the forest floor. My husband was with me and we had an incredible time!

And it’s true!

But— other true things include:

  • We got to the park and I realized I forgot my ski boots. Larry said absolutely nothing besides, “No worries. We’ll just go back and get them!” I felt bad and told him it was my fault and that he was welcome to go ahead and ski, but he graciously drove me right home, 100% unoffended.

  • In the journey through the garage to find my missing boots I began to discover all kinds of other things that had been missing for months. I decided that instead of being happy that I found them, I would make some snarky passive aggressive comments about how he always has to help me by cleaning up my stuff and cleaning out my car and cleaning my things for me and HERE THEY ARE MONTHS LATER AND I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THEM!

  • Then I was starving so I pulled a bunch of stuff out of the pantry to eat on the way back because it had already been an hour.

  • We skied through the gorgeous plain, and breathed joy when the sun came out. About twenty minutes after the sun came out, the snow changed, and it was the grippiest, most frustrating, aggravating, infuriating stuff to ski through. Each step was like a personal insult and I swear I could hear the ground snickering at me. I wanted to scream.

  • My back was killing me, and I had to keep adjusting my snow pants because I couldn’t zip them around my big belly so they kept sliding down, the baby was sitting on my bladder, and I had to go to the bathroom. So I skomped (ski+stomp) over to the road and marched to the pavilion for relief. 

  • On the way back I kept trying to ski and I thought my back would break. Larry skied ahead of me, til he was out of sight and gone. I couldn’t take it anymore. I tried walking on the trail but the ice was so bad I couldn’t even do that. So I stomped (because this time I wasn’t wearing my skis) over to the road but had NO idea the ditch was four feet deep. And I’m 5’ 4”. You can imagine the rest.

  • So instead of barreling through like a courageous young woman, I just sat there and despaired like a total martyr in the snow that was up past my pregnant tummy for five minutes, enjoying the feeling of snow creeping into my boot, and checking out all of the burrs that were now stuck to my shirt. I can’t imagine what someone driving past thought. Like instead of looking out the window and seeing your average roadkill there's just a pregnant lady stuck in a ditch full of snow looking at the skis sitting next to her.

  • I finally found a way to bodysurf to the road and walked to the parking lot where I found my husband waiting for me. He looked like he was having a great time and asked me, “Where’d you go?” REALLY? Are you serious right now? I was just stranded and abandoned while YOU just kept right on going! But for once today I decided to be an adult and not say that. He was also so handsome standing there that I just smiled and said my back hurt and I went on the road to walk back.

  • We finished the day with a date at Freddy’s where we had the whole place to ourselves and completely enjoyed our burgers, fries, cheese curds, and peanut butter ice cream :)

When we were at the pavilion, we took these sweet pictures and watched families take their kids sledding down the hill by the lake. It was so cute. I couldn’t wait til my baby was big enough to go sledding! I tried to imagine their laughter when they felt that rush of joy.

I was still thrilled at the beauty of the day, the sun kissing my face, my husband kissing my face, the memories, the quality time, and the determination to get outside and have fun! My legs felt great! I had that rich feeling you

get after moving your body for hours, and it was

such a joy to spend the day with my guy!

All I’m saying is: embrace the present moment, whether it’s amazing or absurd.

It’s okay if you experience both sides of the coin—the perfect and imperfect—it won’t lose its value.

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