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Craniosacral Session

Craniosacral Therapy is a very gentle style of bodywork focused on releasing restrictions in the membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord. At Waniya Healing we combine craniosacral therapy with myofascial unwinding to facilitate this release and it is led by the body. Results often include decreased muscular tension, a deep sense of calm, and an overall feeling of balance. While craniosacral cannot promise to treat or cure any symptoms, the healing results can be very profound and are unique to the individual.

These techniques can help with a wide variety of concerns, but they are especially known for helping relieve pain associated with accidents and injuries, TMJ Dysfunction, limited range of motion, restless leg syndrome, vertigo, pregnancy pain/symptoms, concussions, dental/orthodontic pain or dysfunction, sinus symptoms, migraines/headaches, back and hip pain, sciatica, shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, carpel tunnel syndrome, neck tightness/pain, and more.

The gentle nature of this work allows it to be safe for everyone. Techniques are performed for hospice patients, brand new babies, mothers in labor, and many others who are in a delicate state. 

Family Care

We provide a special rate for infants and for families. Families entrain with each other, and babies will pattern after their parents. When the father, mother, and siblings also receive care it assists in balancing the baby and bringing greater harmony to the family. 

Little ones need bodywork too!


Our bodies experience restrictions in the tissue before we are even born, and it continues as we age. Receiving therapeutic bodywork right away can set your child up for a very healthy life with a strong relationship with their body. We love to teach parents little tips and tricks to help their children be more comfortable in their own skin.


This work is great for the baby struggling with colic, poor sleep, excessive gas, consistent hiccups, frequent spitting up, tongue/lip ties, crying when laying on their back, clenched fists, ear infections, difficulty latching, general tightness, etc.


This work is beneficial for kids with learning difficulties, sports injuries, concussions, growing pains, developmental delays, sensory processing concerns, orthodontic/dental complications, etc.

Prenatal Care

While pregnancy is a beautiful season, it can be very uncomfortable! Balancing the body with craniosacral therapy and myofascial unwinding can bring some incredible relief!


Sometimes symptoms like gall bladder pain, heartburn, high blood pressure, pubic pain, sciatica, round ligament pain, or incontinence can be a simple as a spasm in the diaphragm or imbalance in the pelvic floor. Much can be done to make pregnancy a more enjoyable experience!


Ideally this is something a woman would do throughout her pregnancy to make sure she is mobile and free as the baby develops, but it is definitely a good thing to receive this work nearing the due date to assist in preventing complications during labor.

Mother with her Child
Image by Alex Pasarelu
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