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Anna M.

“Craniosacral Therapy wasn’t something I had ever heard of, until my daughter was born with some complications that resulted in an extensive spinal surgery. Because of her surgery, traditional chiropractic wasn’t an option for us. Enter Bethany. I was tentative about anyone working on her post surgery, but she was excellent and took such good care of her. She gently worked with my daughter, who was pretty afraid of others, and brought so much peace into the process. You can see the changes in her physically when her body relaxed. Her sleep, mood, and health improved SO much. It was because of how much it helped my daughter, that I started seeing her too. I played hard as a kid, I’ve had six concussions, broken my nose, had stitches done several times, etc. Bethany worked patiently and gently to release and unwind all of that from my system. After one visit, my entire body felt so relaxed and unwound. So much tension I didn’t even realize I had, vanished. We see her regularly and can’t recommend her enough.”

Rose L.

Bethany Grace was kindly introduced to me by her clients that have reaped the benefits of healing with her. I came to her with immense back and neck pain from inner emotional trauma and physical trauma from 2 types of accidents and 1 horrible birth story to my body from many YEARS ago. I didn’t realize how much my body was holding onto the past! Her studio is in the most tranquil setting and feels very homey. It can be bittersweet to leave! Bethany asked if our first session could be “Cranioscral Therapy”  instead of a regular massage to better address my concerns. I was VERY surprised at her technique and how my pain was being acknowledged and how I was literally feeling like it was releasing out of me! I visit her monthly to receive either a relaxing massage, craniosacral therapy, or emotional support as she is a great listener too. Because our sessions go so well, I expanded her services to work on my children who enjoy receiving monthly 30 minute body check ups & mini massages with her and always look forward to the next time they get to lay on the heated massage table. Bethany, we are so blessed and grateful for your talents and honor you and your sweet family in our lives! Thank you!

Helen W.

I have had several massage therapy appointments with Bethany and they have all been awesome experiences! Bethany has a very calm presence.  Her home location is professional and welcoming.  Bethany is thorough and takes her time dealing with my body’s issues.  Bethany is very intuitive, and understands the connection between mind, body and spirit. I have left sessions feeling change in more than just my body.

Josie P.

I would highly recommend Bethany.  I have been seeing her monthly for quite some time and I now bring my children to see her.  Bethany is so easy to talk to and she understands what your body needs in order to heal.  I feel like I have known her for years even though I had never met her prior to my first visit.  Her craniosacral work leaves me feeling relaxed and allows the tension in my body to heal.  My migraines have been less and less and my nervous system has been given a much needed break.  Both my kids and I look forward to our visits.  Bethany has an amazing spiritual gift and I truly wish that everyone could have a chance to meet her. 

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