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Swedish massage is world renowned for its relaxation benefits. This massage is common in traditional massage settings. Long strokes with moderate pressure invigorate the tissue, release tension, and increase circulation.

Clinical massage is a blend of advanced techniques to address inconsistencies in the body's tissue. Most people requesting clinical massage have an area of pain or tension that troubles them to the point that it interrupts their life mildly to severely. This could be the result of disease, injury, or just overuse of muscles during daily living.

What to expect will vary according to the need, but often the majority of the session is spent in one part of the body to rehabilitate the area, provide myofascial release, decrease swelling, reduce muscle tension, address scar tissue, and increase circulation to a congested area of the tissue.

Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy is a beautiful time unlike anything else. The mother's body goes through enormous changes and it is helpful to loosen, soften, and release tight tissue to ensure the comfort of the mother and sufficient room for a growing baby. Prenatal massage is wonderful addition to a mother's health care, especially as she nears her due date, to prepare her body for the miracle of birth! 


We supply extra bolstering to ensure the mother's comfort during massage.

Hot Stone Massage

Tumbled river stones are heated for several hours in water and oiled for smooth and easy gliding. Hot stone massage is incredibly relaxing and does a fantastic job prepping the tissue for deeper work.

Note: Children under 10 must be accompanied by a guardian for the duration of the session.

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